Make A Difference - Corporate Sponsors

For the cost of a Coffee...
You can give life to a Child
We need more substantial help and are seeking to create a Network of Corporate Partners to develop the work of IGWR in Nepal

Our support networks achieve a lot; however we will be more effective if we can work with corporate sponsors that share (and contribute) to the realization of a sustainable vision.

By extending “personal generosity’ to the corporate sphere, we extend our generosity and open the opportunity for others to share our ‘giving’.

Your staff and business associates become aware of your orientation toward ‘giving’, they have an opportunity to join the endeavor and so enhance the whole understanding of “In Giving We Receive”.

We’re inviting partnerships with organisations that appreciate ‘corporate citizenship’; and seek a response that will help us determine the viability of this strategy.

We would very much welcome an opportunity to discuss with you an opportunity whereby we can draw on your resources and expertise.

We need 14 sponsors for Education fees $ 50/month And 14 sponsors for living/housing costs $50/month Less than $2 per day That's not even a cappucino