About Us - IGWR Inc. Committee Members
Peter is the Parish Priest at St Paul's and the backbone and founding member of IGWR Inc. Peter and Raja (IGWR-Nepal Country Director) recently initiated a fundraising motorbike ride from Kathmandu to Kashmir that resulted in an amazing crash, and the blessing of an equally amazing recover. See the 11 minute Video of this journey and visit.
Marie is the inspiration behind IGWR-Nepal and has been "Giving" in Nepal on her regular visits for the past 10 years. Marie helped with the foundation of Snowlands Ranag School and has individually sponsored a number of children. In 2012 three of the students she sponsored, graduated from university. Marie is also a founding member of IGWR Inc.
together with her partner Peter Hillier have been a constant support to the projects in Nepal. In February 2012, she and Peter helped arrange the engagement ceremony for one of their sponsored students.
The 2014/15 Committee has the following members:
Peter Humphris, Chris Jamieson, Lia Johnson, Peter Hillier & Maureen Lucivero

All work provided by the committee is voluntary, there are no Administration staffing costs, and regular visits by members of the committee to oversee the projects in Nepal are all self-funded.